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Designated Baby Bungalow-Our Baby room was specifically designed and built with our youngest children in mind, designed to reflect a home from home style and atmosphere. The Baby Bungalow reflects a normal home (as best it can) to ensure your child/ren begin their time with us feeling comfortable and reassured, thus they are able to develop and explore through a variety of stimulating activities and experiences.

The children and their keyworkers have access to an enclosed outdoor grassed area with a canopy for all year round play and when tired and in need of a hard played rest a door leads through to a separate sleep room from the main room where your child can rest/sleep like they do at home, in a cot, pushchair and comfy cushions.

Staff to child ratios 1:3
Tiddlers Suite

Our Tiddlers have 3 rooms and their own toilets and hand washing facilities all on their own private floor.

The 3 attractive areas are where our Tiddlers are able to investigate and explore new things with a focus on the three prime areas of learning to secure a good solid foundation to grow and develop.

Tiddlers and Tots enjoy their large outdoor area together with lots of interesting age appropriate climbing equipment, sand pit, water play and trikes.

Staff to child ratio 1:3
Tots Suite

With growing independence our Tots are supported in skills such as selfhelp, making relationships and socialising with their peers along with other life skills including, steps towards dressing themselves, toilet training and having lovely table manners while enjoying a social time at meal times with their friends.

Children are able to play freely and join in adult led activities encouraging imagination and creativity along the way.

Staff to child ratio 1:4
Pre-School Classroom, ICT Room & Library Area

As children are becoming more confident learners our Pre-school areas provide every opportunity for children to develop and progress in accordance with the EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE .

The Pre-school areas promote independence, with children leading their play and a team of practitioners on hand to enhance and support each child's development.

The Pre-school area introduces more structure and group work, preparing them for school life-circle time, where they can take turns talking and discussing simple topics such as the weather and exciting things they have done over the weekend/holidays.
Practitioners also use the childrens interests to plan a stimulating and enjoyable variety of activities to enable children in the seven areas of learning.

All the children have access to our interactive whiteboard and computers daily, they can use a range of educational programs and have access to the internet in a safe and secure way to enhance their computer skills and knowledge on a whole range of diverse subjects. We have also just introduced innotabs with built in camera to broaden the children’s ICT skills.

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