food menus

Mmm, Whats that lovely smell?

We provide home cooked, locally sourced fresh (where possible) nutritious meals and snacks which include a wide variety of foods and dishes from around the world.

All meals and snacks are prepared on site by our own chef. We know it’s important to fuel those growing minds and bodies so we ensure we provide 4/5 portions of fruit and vegatables in one full nursery day. We also offer dairy/milk products in accordance with exisiting guidelines for children aged one to five years.

If your child is at the weaning stage, we work closely with you to ensure they are getting just what you want them to and what they require.

If your child has an intolerance, allergy or religious reason for omitting a food group, this is adhered to and taken most seriously.

Mealtimes are a social occasion and parents are quite surprised to hear their children actually eat at nursery!

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